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Project DDR

Combining rhythm, music, and physical dancing into this innovative game, Dance Dance Revolution (aka DDR) has set a new style of gaming. On November 1998 the game hit the streets and dominated Japan by storm and eventually became known worldwide. This project teaches you the basic mechanics of the game. From how to play, to the wide diverse selection of music, and the different types of difficulties. It’s strong popularity went into the competitive gaming world and positive feedback has caused high interest to bring the game into hundreds of school’s physical education system. It’s a physically challenging game that is not only fun but a great cardio work out.

This was a self reflection class project. The topic basically asked, “what makes you happy and how does it affect you personally?”. While yes we could of gotten more information on the game and the history, but we were limited on how many minutes the video could be. We decided to focus a big part on how DDR can make a impact with obesity and how it can function in a every day use in schools for P.E. We believe this game could make a huge impact because since it’s such a fun game, people won’t even realize how much of a work out they are getting from it.

Give it a try when you see one!
Presented by Angelie (annjuh-wee) for her class project. I just helped a bit :)

Pharrell - Happy (DDR Edition):
Dynamite Rave Freestyle:

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He’s pro c[;

This girl right here… lol

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I edited and synced 2NE1’s ‘Come Back Home’ music video with the Unplugged Version. I also made some saturation changes and made all the “Real World” parts in black and white just to give it that extra touch :P


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Filmed my cousins (annjuh-wee​ and her brother)  freestyle Dynamite Rave for fun at Main Event in Shenandoah near Woodlands Mall. It was done in more than one take to get all the fancy angles. I’m sure you can tell =P. I threw in a few shots that my nephew took with an iPhone (you might see the quality change a few times). We only played on one side to save money so we can play it multiple times.

Just for laughs and giggles the audio was taken from a DDR tournament to make it sound like there was a huge crowd. Kind of sad DDR isn’t as popular anymore like it was when I was younger. Wish there were more DDR machines out there.


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I need your help guys.

Teo lost his mother and older brother. Found both shot to death in his home. Father was no where to be found.

Please share this video to help support Teo. It would really help out a lot so more can be exposed to his tragic story. I would really appreciate it.

If you would like to contribute and donate to Teo for the funeral expenses please click here for more information.

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Breaking Bad ended so this is for all the fans.

I got bored, yet inspired to edit a mashup trailer of Jesse using the new Need For Speed trailer’s audio. Basically Jesse’s character in a nutshell without spoiling too much. This is not suppose to be taken seriously. =P

Amazing work Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul. Goodbye Breaking Bad.

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We <3 Cali
We <3 Vegas
We <3 White Sands.

Tried to do the <3 shot at every location (at sunset) we went to but changed things up a bit towards the middle of our trip.

A road trip I will never forget.

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My cousin playing Heavy. Look how fast her legs are :P

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My cousin playing DDR.

I once was good at this game. Now I’m old.

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At the private Crystal Cove Beach. One of my favorite beaches in Cali. Had to pay to get in but was so worth it. It wasn’t the prettiest beach but just glad to get away from the annoy crowds.

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You can see my reflection lol

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My feet look different.
Lol… someone was having too much fun with my camera.

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On our way to Cali. Some landscaping shot I got on the way up there.

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The countdown begins.

Something elegant, sophisticated, classy, yet cool. A little something for everyone. Fun project to shoot and edit. Eric’s quadcopter was used to get all the awesome aerial shots.

See you in April Chateau Cocomar!

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I’ve been learning how to cook recently. Mostly Filipino dishes. It’s actually fun (and way cheaper lol).

I’ve been learning how to cook recently. Mostly Filipino dishes. It’s actually fun (and way cheaper lol).

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